tHeY aRe geTtiNg the BroAdbAnD!

I have to say I am happy that my friends are back from China now. It's not quiet anymore, in fact, sometimes I get a bit annoyed with my friend's arguing TO her husband all the time. She just wants to WIN all the time, always thinks that her husband knows nothing about this world. Oh God... I don't want to talk about it, it's just too childish!
However, they brought good news. Hohoho... Michelle, her name is, got a laptop from her father and so... they are getting the broadband internet!! Yippeeeee.... yep yep I'm happy! I think the people, who are going to arrange all the equipments, are coming on a special day 28th August *grins*. I can't wait really... it will save me time and energy from walking to and back from the library. hehehehe.... what a lucky day :D
I got some moon cakes, which I specially asked Michelle to buy some for me. Kayak orang ngidam aja yah?! hehehe... abisnya dah lama gak makan Tong Tju Pia seh... It brings back the old memories of my beloved grandma. Oh well... It's life, isn't it?! :)


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