Otakku jadi kayak kopyor

Hmmmm... ngomongin kopyor, jadi kepingin minum es kopyor deh *slurrrppp... must be yummy*
Okay, hmmm what was I going to say?! I'm tireddddddddddddddd.... *sob sob sob*
Yesterday, I walked here and there for nothing... *sigh* First, I wanted to go to the Uni Library, so I woke up at 9 am, walked down there for 10 mins and sadly it was CLOSED. Then I thought: "Right... Let's go to the central library!"
I needed to send an urgent e-mail to my mum, so I thought I can just pop in there, use the computer for half an hour and come back home to cook.
I slowed down when I got near to the door... Looking in unbelieve... The library opens at 12.00 on sunday!! Oh God! Btw, the central library is on the opposite end of the library, so it's about 20 mins walk from the Uni library.
What a day... However, I got the chance to go to do a window shopping (since, I won't get any money until next week *sob*).
So around 12 I came back home without even trying to go back to the central library. While I was having my little lunch around 1 pm... The phone rang! I thought it might be my parents, but it was NOT. It's my lecturer!
He said sorry for calling so late to tell me that I should come and see him in the evening. See, I thought I won't need to see him that day, since he said that if he doesn't ring on Saturday that means he won't be around Uni on Sunday. But what happened?! I have to walk back again to Uni just to see him for 10-15 minutes...
So I said to him: "Okay I'll come at 4 pm, since I am waiting for my parents to call me any minutes from now."
I finished my lunch, cooked for my dinner - Beef Teriyaki with long beans *yummy* - and when I just finished cooking, my parents rang. Good... At least I didn't need to rush them to ring me. Hehehehe...
So that was yesterday.
Today, I've been in the library from 9.30 am until now... I've been trying to solve 'exponential integration' for the whole day, it's hardddd and complicated *I think my brain is gonna explode soon... :p* I went up and down, looking for the right books to help me. And good... I finally found it and as soon as I got home, I need to rewrite all my pages (it got so messy that I don't think anyone except me can understand what's on it :D) so that it will be ready for tomorrow. I'm meeting my lecturer again... Huh... Tired.

Someone can give me a free massage?! Anyone?! Hehehehe :D


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