Love gives one pleasure,
but thousands sufferings.

Then why do we love?


  1. wah...jd yang pertama ....xixi
    nice quote, why do we fall in love...because our life is to share our love to each other...
    God bless us sist' have a nice wiken

  2. Yuph....T'nyata kita lg sama2 mikirin tentang cinta nih Mba....^^
    Tp...Ai lg ga jatuh cinta kok Mba...Krn Ai setiap hari jatuh cinta....^^

  3. Ternyata dirimu juga lagi kasmaran toh ahahhaa akhirnya cinta kembali hadir dalam relung hatimu :p

    Cinta tak butuh penafsiran, ia ada dan tercipta dg indah, cukup rasakan aja deh :p

    Tapi kenapa saat Qt fall in semua urat jadi ikutan bergetar yaaa ekekekee

  4. Jatuh cinta berjuta rasanya. dibelai, dimanja, amboi rasanya....lagi kasmaran ya sher ??

  5. why?? coz love is very bigger one plesuare!!! hehehehehe

  6. hmm...interesting. I think that's how love goes, we never expected it to come but it did come. Btw...saya baek2 aja sher di jakarta, so far so good lah.

  7. Why do we love.. why we dare to have a risk suffered by others?

    It's life, indeed :)


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