Painful headache

As requested by Rita

Unexpected as the outcome of a rolling dice is the future of humans.
We never know what may come in the next hour, day, week or year.

- nie @ 22 January 2006

[Ps.] It's not always easy to find such quotes, sayings or thoughts especially when it is a specific request. I tried to think all over again and again to come up with a different quote, but again and again the same quote comes up. And it's the one above. I hope you like it, dd Rwitz!

I did not do much this weekend. Simply because I kept getting the same painful headache from the moment I opened my eyes everyday. It bothers me so much that I start to wonder what causes this pain.
Oen-oen said anemia or even lack of oxygen in my brain... Well those are really something for a guess! And then I asked my dad about it, he said, maybe it's got something to do with my glasses prescription being out of date. Maybe he's right... but then again I feel that my eyesight is fine and just a thought of getting my eyes examined gives me another painful ache. It's too expensive!!!
It's so unfair! Why do I have to pay to get my eyes examined here in the UK when I can check my eyes for free at home?!
The headache makes me don't even want to get up from bed since it is so painful... arrrghhh how am I supposed to get up tomorrow to go to uni early in the morning with this pain?!
It all begins again tomorrow... the deadly assignments and not-fun-at-all lectures. The second semester has arrived!

Well... I wish you all a blessed week ahead! Take care!


  1. gimana sher ? udah sembuh ? coba diperiksain dulu matanya (ya emang di rumah sich free, tapi biaya pulang ke rumah khan mahal...;p)
    oke..cepet sembuh ya..;p

  2. waaah sher kenapa tuh? mungkin kurang tidur atawa tidurnya gak nyenyak mikirin coen hueheheh...cepet sembuh yaaah ^_^

  3. haduww,,
    koq slesai ujian malah sakit c?
    udah coba k dokter lom?
    cpet sembuh ya say *mwah*

  4. dulu sering banget pusing...
    kata ortu mungkin minus mata kamu nambah,
    kata temen, mungkin kurang tidur,
    soalnya banyak kemungkinan sihhh
    setelah diperiksa ct scan segala, ketahuan ada benjolan kecil di sinus maxiliris sebelah kiri ;)

    periksa..periksa...pusing bikin kita gak bisa mikir lhoo sher!
    sekarang aku juga pusing, he..he.. mikirin batuk pilek fluu yg gak sembuh2 padahal lg hamil ;)

  5. wew... weekend kok sakit nee sher...
    moga cepet sembuh yak... ;-)

  6. besok tuh awal semesteran ya???
    huah, semoga cepet sembuh ya...

  7. oh.. kenapa yah sher? lagi stress kali sher... istirahat bae sher:)

    have a nice day yah...

  8. moga2 cepet sembuh Sher....

  9. Walah..walah..Sherlyyy..kok sering sakit si say??
    Makanin vitamin gak lo?? Kecapekan nih gw rasa..ujian kan berat juga ya, abis ujian, relax, jadi sakit..:(

    Cepet sembuh ya en take care..:)

  10. cepet periksa sher, sakit kepala ngga boleh disepelein. semoga cepet sembuh ya :)

  11. makanya tidur yang banyak.. pasti entar fresh lagi deh

  12. waks we have to pay for eyes check? huhu gitu y di UK padahal klo di Indonesia free kan...

    btw cepet sembuh yaa Mba Sher =D jgn pusink2 terus donk =P

  13. nice quote tuh.. memang sih.. expect the unexpected ^^

    itu rumah free meaning di indo yaa??

  14. Jangan terlalu diforsir sher.. istirohat ya.. Kesehatan tuh mahal loh..


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